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Announcement regarding unclaimed cash dividends by the shareholders of Finance House P.J.S.C before 1 March 2015

Reference to the directives issued by the Securities and Commodities Authority, regarding unclaimed cash dividends by the shareholders of local publicly listed companies, prior to 1 March 2015.

Finance House P.J.S.C invites eligible shareholders for unclaimed cash dividends for the period before 1 March 2015, to send an email to and call on +97126194455 to check their eligibility for cash dividend distributions.

It is important to note that with effect from 14 February 2021, all unclaimed dividends by eligible shareholders will be transferred to the Securities and Commodities Authority that will be responsible for distributing such dividends to the eligible shareholders on demand. The Securities and Commodities Authority will post a circular on its website and on the respective websites of the financial markets describing the details in due course.

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