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Share Registrar Services

As a Share Registrar licensed by Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), we hold the capabilities of offering matchless services to ensure complete satisfaction of our clients and their investors.

Share Registrar Services


Finance House is a leading Share Registrar in the UAE for private joint stock companies and includes a comprehensive range of “Share Registrar” services such as:

  • "Share Registrar" maintenance
  • "Share Transfer" services
  • "Share Blocking and Unblocking" services
  • Distribution of corporate benefits including Dividend, bonus etc
  • General Assembly Management Services
  • Customized Reporting Package

For further information on the above services, please contact us at or call us at: +971 2 619 4455

Our Umbrella of Securities Services

Explore the array of services we offer to both public and private joint stock companies within the UAE.


Dividend Distribution Services

Finance House has been appointed by the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) as a dividend distribution agent for offering dividend distribution services to public joint stock companies listed on ADX.

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General Assembly Management Services

Finance House provides General Assembly Management Services for public joint stock companies listed on ADX (Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange) and Dubai Financial Markets (DFM).

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IPO Administration and Issuer Services

Finance House has an extended experience in the role of “receiving bank” in IPO Administration, providing a full service offering to companies in support of raising equity capital from markets in UAE.

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