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HR Message

At Finance House we believe that human resources fuel our strategy and hasten our goal attainment; standing firmly in belief that barriers are meant to be overcome to achieve greatness.

With a devoted workforce and an environment that fosters development and business process innovation, Finance House is an agile advocate of equipping its employees with the necessary trainings and skill sets to fuel their way through any challenges that may come about.

Furthermore, alongside endorsing an openly collaborative, team-centric and supportive culture, Finance House enforces a positively skewed work-life balance. Operating under a balanced mantra of work and family/personal time.

Simply put, our employees’ drive our organization’s way forward and our sole job is to nurture and shape their working attributes according to their changing needs.

Personal development and career growth is what we guarantee to all our recruits and our doors are always open to any professionals wanting to get ahead of the competition and jumpstart their careers.

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At Finance House we welcome all Emiratis with open arms. Valuing correct career choices that impact outcomes and strengthens one’s presence, you are the future of our beloved UAE and your success is a vital ingredient to the everlasting prosperity of the nation.

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Talent Development

Acknowledging that our employees are our most valuable assets, their consistent development and professional build-up is among our highest of priorities.

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