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Social Career Center

Acknowledging that employees fuel organizational success, at Finance House we believe in the importance of investing to find that caliber of stellar talent.

Diversifying our sourcing channels and mediums, our goal is to be vividly present across all platforms in order to demonstrate how Finance House ought to be your choice when it comes to career progression and advancement.

With ample opportunities and challenging roles for innovators, we are now bringing it all to you on social media! Launching our Social Career Center, applicants may now apply to any of our vacancies via their mobile phones while networking and surfing their social media channels.

Simply visit our Facebook page Link to view the Social Career Center or click here to access it Link.

How to apply via our social career center:

  • Visit our Social Career Center
  • Browse through the listings of current openings and required positions to be filled.
  • Read the job description and its requirements.
  • Click on apply now if you qualify for a particular position.
  • Simply upload a photo of your CV via your mobile phone and confirm by clicking apply now and your application will be sent to our team.
  • Share, send or post any vacancy on your wall, your friends’ walls or via a private message should you feel this particular role might be of interest to them.

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