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"Forsa", an innovative credit cards debt consolidation product tailored to empower UAE Nationals towards smart and effective financial management.
With Forsa
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Estimated yearly interest savings*

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To Avail FORSA Card, you need to be a UAE National. Would you like to apply for Gold loan? If yes, please click on the link - Click here

Are you tired of dealing with multiple credit card payments and high interest rates?

Look no further! The new credit card from Finance House is here to help you consolidate your credit card debt into one low-interest rate card, saving you money and simplifying your monthly payments.

Minimum Payment as low as
Per Month Only
Consolidate up to AED
of your outstanding balances
Interest Rate of
Per Month Only
• Use the simple Forsa calculator (hyperlink) to know your interest savings and reduced monthly payments.
• Submit your name, mobile number & email or get in touch with us on 600511114, and an expert FH representative shall get in touch with you
* All Calculations are indicative. T&C Apply.
The Estimated yearly interest savings have been calculated based on the difference of what you pay at rate mentioned on your current credit cards and interest calculated at 1.25% on Forsa.
The minimum payment has been estimated based on 2% of outstanding balance.
By clicking on submit, you authorize Finance House team to get in touch with you regarding your application.
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Lost your credit card?

Immediately report your lost/stolen card via our 24-hour helpline 600511114

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