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Dividends History

Our investor relations are built on dedication and commitment. As such, we constantly issue and distribute dividends to all our shareholders. Out of our belief in transparency and open communication, you will find Finance House’s distributed dividends and bonus shares history on this page.

Financial Year Cash Dividend (% of share capital) Bonus Shares (% of share capital) Dividend Payout Ratio (% of earnings)
2019 1.91 -
2018 2.93 - 46
2017 5 - 50
2016 6 - 48
2015 10 - 50
2014 - 2.5 -
2013 25 - 90
2012 12 - 50
2011 20 - 101
2010 15 10 36
2009 50 25 98
2008 100 - 80
2007 75 - 74
2006 50 - 62

Additional Stakeholder Information

In depth stats and information relevant to shareholder payouts.


Ownership Statistic

Leading with a mission of facilitating financial liquidity to individuals and corporations alike within the UAE market, Finance House is driven with the aptitude to innovate and set a notable footprint within the local market.

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Unclaimed Dividends

With a portion of our dividends from prior years remaining unclaimed, should you be one of our shareholders who have yet to claim their dividends, we urge you to take a quick read at what is required from your end so your dividend portions are rightfully transferred to you.

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Abiding by UAE laws and regulations, our General Assembly Meeting takes place on a yearly basis with the date of inauguration publically announced and approved beforehand by The Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority.

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Share Price

With multiple variables to account for share price such as: company performance, market fluctuations, industry happenings and economic developments; stay up to date with the latest developments on Finance House’s reflected share price.

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