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About Us

Finance House was established as one of UAE’s first “independent” finance companies. We commenced operations in July 2004, and our principal activities consist of investments, consumer and commercial financing. These business lines constitute the engines of the company’s continued growth.

Our Company

Our Company

Finance House P.J.S.C is a Public Joint Stock Company incorporated in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The Company was established on March 13th, 2004 and commenced its operations on July 18th, 2004

Board of Directors & Executive Management

Steering our journey to success, our board of directors is compromised of a team of well-rounded and highly equipped businessmen and industry experts. With a passion to innovate and efficiencize processes, their core competencies lie in their ability to continuously outperform their achievements despite market challenges. Equipped with a diverse knowhow library from different industry fields, our directors’ mindsets are always targeted towards resource optimization and coupled with a solid commitment towards generating hefty returns on our stakeholders’ investments.

  • Mr. Mohammed Abdulla Jumaa Alqubaisi

    Mr. Mohammed Abdulla Jumaa Alqubaisi

  • Mr. Khaled Abdulla Alqubaisi

    Mr. Khaled Abdulla Alqubaisi

  • Mr. Ahmad Obaid Humaid Al Mazrooei

    Mr. Ahmad Obaid Humaid Al Mazrooei

  • Mr. Murtadha Mohamed Alhashmi

    Mr. Murtadha Mohamed Alhashmi

  • Mr. Abdulmajeed Ismail Ali Abdulrahim Alfahim

    Mr. Abdulmajeed Ismail Ali Abdulrahim Alfahim

  • Mr. Salah Salem Ebrahim Alsaman Alnuaimi

    Mr. Salah Salem Ebrahim Alsaman Alnuaimi

  • Mrs. Alia Abdulla Al Mazroui

    Mrs. Alia Abdulla Al Mazroui

  • Mr. T. K. Raman

    Mr. T. K. Raman

Finance House in depth

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Corporate Governance

We believe good governance is as important to the success of Finance House as the operational achievements of the company is in the enhancement of shareholder value.

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Compliance Certificate

Pursuant to the requirements set by the U.S. Department of the Treasury in the USA PATRIOT Act, Covered Financial Institutions must gather certain information from Foreign Banks for which they maintain correspondent accounts in the United States.

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Alternative Advertising

Finance House is committed not only towards clients, employees & shareholders, but also towards the community in which it operates and serves.

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With our business objective being closely tied to facilitating economical and financial means to UAE residents, our efforts also encompass reinforcements to the UAE society as a whole.

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Investor Relations

From real-time financials to organization changes, public disclosures and internal initiatives, our transparency in information sharing is what drives our stakeholders to further support our journey. Whether you’re looking for historical data, Finance House’s credit rating stance, quantifiable achievements or any other documentation pertaining to assessing the value of Finance House within the UAE market, all the data is structured and categorically divided under this section, to ensure all your questions are adhered to with ease and at a timely manner.

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    Ownership Statistic

    Leading with a mission of facilitating financial liquidity to individuals and corporations alike within the UAE market, Finance House is driven with the aptitude to innovate and set a notable footprint within the local market.

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    Dividends History

    Retrieve and take a look at all of Finance House’s distributed dividends, bonus shares and gain a better understanding of our dividend payout ratio.

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    Stay up to date with all our corporate activities, from events and press releases to media statements and upcoming launches, our calendar below outlines all the major happenings that have taken place or will be taking place throughout the year.

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    Financial Highlights

    Drill down to core financial data and resourceful company figures for all our operating years.

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  • AGM_small_img-min

    AGM & EGM

    Abiding by UAE laws and regulations, our General Assembly Meeting takes place on a yearly basis with the date of inauguration publically announced and approved beforehand by The Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority.

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  • UnclaimedDividends_smallBottom

    Unclaimed Dividends

    With a portion of our dividends from prior years remaining unclaimed, should you be one of our shareholders who have yet to claim their dividends, we urge you to take a quick read at what is required from your end so your dividend portions are rightfully transferred to you.

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  • Share_prise_small_image-min

    Share Price

    With multiple variables to account for share price such as: company performance, market fluctuations, industry happenings and economic developments; stay up to date with the latest developments on Finance House’s reflected share price.

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Immediately report your lost/stolen card via our 24-hour helpline 600511114

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