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Corporate Governance

We believe good governance is as important to the success of Finance House as the operational achievements of the company is in the enhancement of shareholder value.

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The Board

The Board of Directors of Finance House is comprised of prominent UAE nationals from Abu Dhabi. The Board has been instrumental in establishing a strong corporate governance culture in the Company. It plays an important role in defining and enforcing standards of accountability that enable Management to manage the Company in the best interests of its shareholders.

The Board has a formal schedule of matters reserved to it and holds regular and frequent meetings. It is responsible for overall Company strategy, acquisition and divestment policy, approval of capital expenditure proposals and consideration of significant financing matters. It monitors the Company’s exposure to key business risks and reviews the annual budget of the Company. It also oversees its progress towards of budget achievement. In addition, the board considers environmental and employee issues and key appointments as well.

All directors are required to submit themselves for re-election at least once every three years.

Committees of the Board

The Board has established the following committees: the Investment & Credit Committee, and the Audit Committee.

The Investment & Credit Committee reviews investment opportunities, credit proposals and matters of credit policy, and reports its findings and recommendations to the Company’s Board of Directors.

The Audit Committee regularly meets to review the reports and recommendations of the independent internal audit team and external auditors, as also to monitor compliance with the laws and regulatory requirements.

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Mission & Vision

Mission: To be responsive to our clients’ needs and provide them with an exceptional financial experience through knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Vision: Finance House aspires to be a leader in its chosen domains by

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Finance House is committed not only towards clients, employees & shareholders, but also towards the community in which it operates and serves.

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With our business objective being closely tied to facilitating economical and financial means to UAE residents, our efforts also encompass reinforcements to the UAE society as a whole.

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