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Finance House actively invests in multiple asset classes that are diversified across the industry, sector, and geography.

These investments include listed equities, pre-IPO investments, private equity, fixed income, and funds. The investment portfolio has performed very well since inception and has generated superior returns each year, as it is proved and reflected by our published financial information.

Our investment philosophy is to invest in companies, which we understand, while keeping our focus on medium to long-term business drivers that are fundamental to such businesses.

We believe that over time the strong fundamental of a company will generate the highest quality growth and achieve superior returns on our investments. Identifying these businesses requires rigorous fundamental analysis and a stringent risk review process which is followed by meticulous discussions by the relevant committee of the Board of Directors.

In a private equity transaction, a comprehensive legal, financial, and commercial due diligence is carried out before investing. Post-acquisition and investments are actively monitored with regular reviews of their performance and as to exit decisions.

Our ability lies in developing innovative financing structures that involve a combination of equity and debt. Our strong lending business provides a healthy deal flow, and at the same time provides us with the flexibility of designing funding structures, thus giving rise to synergies between our lending and investing arms.

Our clients and investee companies derive much value from this synergy.

The investment team in Finance House is composed of professionals from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, who bring with them extensive and varied experience and knowledge of investments.

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