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Talent Development

Acknowledging that our employees are our most valuable assets, their consistent development and professional build-up is among our highest priorities. With individually developed career maps, multiple employee trainings and professional grants, we are persistently strengthening our employees’ core competencies and molding their talents for better career growth. Investing in our employees has always been an embedded culture within our working environment. With the establishment of our own in-house Training & Development Centre as an affirmation of such, we have deployed a substantial amount of powerful resources to endorse all our employees’ training and development needs.

Our Development Avenues:

  • Leadership and Management Programs
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Induction Program
  • Professional Certification
  • Career Development Plan Program
  • Individual and Group Training Programs

Other Activities

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HR Message

At Finance House we believe that human resources fuel our strategy and hasten our goal attainment; standing firmly in belief that barriers are meant to be overcome to achieve greatness.

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At Finance House we welcome all Emiratis with open arms. Valuing correct career choices that impact outcomes and strengthens one’s presence, you are the future of our beloved UAE and your success is a vital ingredient to the everlasting prosperity of the nation.

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