Customer Service Charter - Finance House

Customer Service Charter

The Customer Service Charter outlines our commitment to provide superior customer experience to all our clients through the various customer touch points of Finance House.

  • We will treat all our customers fairly, consistently and in an ethical manner.
  • We will help customers understand the benefits and features of our products, services and offers, and clearly explain how they can be availed.
  • We will provide customers with a friendly and helpful service at every customer touch point of Finance House.
  • We will follow through and provide necessary updates to customers’ queries.
  • We embrace all customer feedback, including; compliments, suggestions and complaints.
  • We will acknowledge every customer complaint with a unique reference number and send the customer acknowledgment through an SMS/Email to their registered contact details within 24 working hours of receipt of a complaint.
  • We will address all complaints in a fair, objective and timely manner.
  • We will communicate to our customers in a professional, clear and explicit manner with regards to resolutions of their complaints within 5 working days, and update them accordingly in writing.
  • We will keep customers updated, if their complaints require more time beyond the stipulated timeframe.
  • If customers are not satisfied with our response, we will assist them in appealing for a review of their complaints by the higher management of Finance House.
  • We will seek customers’ feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our services.

If you have any complaints, concerns or feedback please write to us or call us at:             

Email              :        

Call Centre    :600511114                                  

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Lost your credit card?

Immediately report your lost/stolen card via our 24-hour helpline 600511114

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