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Introducing Aani: Your Instant, Easy, and Secure Payment Platform

Embark on a new era of seamless and instant payments with Aani. This cutting-edge payment platform aligns with the UAE's vision for unparalleled economic growth, providing a stable and instant payment system that enables safe, easy, and secure transactions across the nation.

Finance House is proud to be among the first to implement Aani, empowering our valued customers to transfer funds within a remarkable 10 seconds, anytime and to any UAE bank account, right through the Finance House FH Personal App.

Discover a wide range of payment functionalities that simplify your financial transactions:

- Effortlessly transfer funds across the UAE, using a recipient's phone number or email.
- Experience the convenience of instant QR code-based payments.
- Utilize the Request to Pay feature for receiving funds or sharing bills.
- Familiarize yourself with Aani's features through single payments of up to AED 5,000 per transaction.
- Rest easy knowing that Aani adheres to the highest international security standards.

Enjoy a streamlined onboarding experience with Aani through the Finance House Mobile App. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open the Finance House Mobile App.
2. Click on the Aani Icon.
3. Fill in your username and mobile number.
4. Select a default account.
5. Congratulations! Your registration is successful, and you can now transfer funds to any bank in the UAE.

Transferring funds has never been easier with the Finance House app powered by Aani:

1. Click on Aani to Transfer Funds.
2. Select "Send Money!"
3. Choose the card of your preference.
4. Select the beneficiary based on their contact phone number or email.
5. Enter the desired amount and confirm.
6. Provide the OTP sent to your registered mobile device.

Update your Finance House Mobile App to start using Aani Now!


Aani is operated by Al Etihad Payments, a subsidiary of the Central Bank of the UAE, and offered to the market by licensed financial institutions and payment service providers. Unlike many e-wallets, Aani enables instant and ubiquitous payments experience.
It can also be considered as an alternative of debit card payments for merchants and online shopping, leveraging real-time, 24x7 processing.

Aani enables instant fund transfers to a diverse range of beneficiaries and facilitates secure payments for various services, from government payments and bills to online shopping and in-store purchases.

Aani will continue to introduce innovative functionalities, including electronic direct debit authorization, instant direct debit payments, and the first-of-a-kind end-to-end digitized cheque.

At present, Aani payments are limited to domestic transfers, allowing customers to send and receive money only between accounts held at licensed financial institutions or licensed payment service providers in the UAE, in AED. Nevertheless, Al Etihad Payments will continue exploring opportunities to connect with overseas instant payment platforms to facilitate cross-border instant payments, including international remittances.

Yes, multiple payment accounts can be linked to the Aani mobile application, provided that the different licensed financial institutions or payment service provider, to which the accounts belong, have enrolled the customers on Aani using the same mobile number or ID.

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