Finance House Introduces “Sanad” Exclusive for Emiratis, The Lowest Interest Rate Credit Card in the UAE - Finance House
Finance House Introduces “Sanad” Exclusive for Emiratis, The Lowest Interest Rate Credit Card in the UAE
30th May 2024

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 30 May 2024: Finance House, a leading financial institution in the UAE, is proud to announce the launch of Sanad, the credit card with the lowest interest rate in the entire UAE. Exclusively designed for Emirati nationals, Sanad offers an unparalleled monthly interest rate of just 1.25%.

The Sanad credit card stands out in the UAE market with its exceptional value proposition, providing significant savings on interest charges and slimmer monthly payments for cardholders. With no annual fees, Sanad is truly a "free for life" card, allowing Emiratis to manage their finances more efficiently.

"At Finance House, we are committed to exceeding the expectations of UAE nationals by providing exceptional financial solutions tailored to their needs. The launch of the Sanad credit card is a testament to our dedication to innovation and our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our Emirati customers" said Mr. TK Raman, CEO of Finance House.

Key features of the Sanad Credit Card include:
• Lowest interest rate in the UAE at 1.25% per month;
• Save up to 70% on credit card interest charges per month;
• Reduce credit card payments by up to 30%;
• Preferential rates on credit card balance transfers;
• Free for life with no annual fees;
• Credit Shield to protect outstanding balances against unforeseen circumstances.

To be eligible for the Sanad Credit Card, applicants must be Salaried UAE nationals aged 25 years and above, with a minimum monthly salary of AED 12,000.

"We are thrilled to offer Sanad as an exclusive financial solution for Emiratis, with its unbeatable interest rate and exceptional benefits, Sanad empowers our customers to take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals with ease” Mr. TK Raman added.

Offering “Sanad” a credit card with the lowest interest rate in the UAE market, demonstrates Finance House’s transparency and accountability in financial services. This aligns with our good governance practices, which is one of the key aspects of our ESG principles.

Moreover, this will help our customers by reducing their financial burden and helping them manage their finances more effectively and enhance customer satisfaction and build long-term relationships.

For more information about the Sanad Credit Card and to apply, please visit or contact our customer support 600 511114.

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