Finance House from UAE and BBI Euro 200,000 for the B&H students
13th January 2009

Abu Dhabi, January 13, 2009- Finance House, highly regarded financial institution from the United Arab Emirates whose founders are eminent figures and companies from the United Arab Emirates which is one of the most affluent countries of the Gulf, at the request of Bosna Bank International (BBI), has provided Euro 200,000 for scholarships for the following four years. The first tranche of Euro 50,000 for this Academic year has already been remitted to the account in BBI. At the beginning the 2009 the Bank will publish an announcement for scholarships. From its foundation, Bosna Bank International has been awarding scholarships to final-year students of faculties and postgraduates from whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, including students with special needs. Last year, BBI awarded 35 scholarships and it is possible that in 2009 the number of scholarships will increase.

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