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Finance House offers a wide array of services to both, public joint stock and private joint stock companies in the UAE.

As an organization, we are dedicated to providing premium services to our clients, using best in class technology and professional expertise.

Our Treasury department offers an array of financial solutions to our key corporate and institutional clients. Through a client-centric approach, we proactively support businesses with an integrated portfolio of products, including: Fixed Deposit, Flexi Deposit and Multi Year Fixed Deposit. The long-standing treasury relationships that we enjoy with our clients are a testament to the trust they place in Finance House.

Finance House delivers a wide range of innovative, customized and need-based financing solutions to the business society in the UAE.

Our Commercial & Corporate Finance division provides companies with a single point of access to an integrated suite of commercial and capital products and financial options.

Delivered by experienced financial professionals and backed by the vast resources of Finance House, each solution is customized to suit the specific needs of every customer.


Finance House P.J.S.C is a Public Joint Stock Company incorporated in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The company was established on March 13th, 2004 and commenced its operations on July 18th, 2004. The company performs its activities across its head office in Abu Dhabi and its, Dubai, and Sharjah branches. The principal activities of the Company consist of consumer and commercial finance, as well as proprietary investing, all of which constitute the engines of the company’s continued growth and profitability.

Since inception, Finance House has made significant advancements to become a credible player in the marketplace. It has built a strong awareness for its brand over the years and is well recognized as a niche player that provides innovative and value-adding solutions to its customers.

Finance House is listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol FH.

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