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The Multi Year Fixed Deposit (MYFD) from Finance House is a corporate deposit product, which is specifically designed to grant businesses higher rates of return on their longer term deposits. If you have a business or are operating in a business in the UAE, then MYFD is the right solution for you.

Company cash requirements cannot always be projected with certainty. Finance House provides a convenient solution: the innovative Flexi Deposit.
Flexi Deposit is a premium version of a Call Account in that it pays interest similar to Fixed Deposits yet provides the flexibility to withdraw at short notice.

Capital Intelligence, an international credit rating agency, rated Finance House as ‘BBB-’ Long-term and ‘A3’ Short-term.

The ratings are supported by a strong capital base, good capital ratios, good liquidity ratios and rising profitability.

The agency has assigned a ‘Stable’ Outlook to both ratings.

Credit Rating Matrix

Year Long Term Short term Outlook
2018 BBB- A3 Stable

We are licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE. We have consistently complied with all regulatory requirements, including but not limited to, ceilings on various types of advances, capital adequacy ratios, and submission of mandatory returns. The Central Bank also monitors senior management positions and even assesses the functional practicality of the premises.

The overall monitoring is conducted by the Central Bank through review of returns and periodic audits of accounting information and operational activities. Finance House is also regulated by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority, and is in compliance with its requirements.

At Finance House, performance is measured as much by the efficiency of our people as by the effectiveness of our products. Whatever the economic situation, we remain committed to maintain performance level that is up to our clients and shareholders’ expectations.

Our business force and strength relies heavily on the individual talents and the diversity available within our workforce. We adopt a collaborative approach to delivering optimum financial solutions to our valued customers. Our agility in responding to customer needs and market changes sets us apart in a rather competitive marketplace.

Finance House ownership by blue-chip shareholders is a major source of its strength. Furthermore, Board representation by such shareholders enhances the strategic and tactical decision-making process of the company as a growing financial institution.

Finance House is governed by an influential Board that is comprised of prominent UAE nationals from Abu Dhabi. The Board has been instrumental in establishing a strong Corporate Governance culture in the company.

The Executive Management team is made up of long-serving, seasoned professionals whose high standards of proficiency are matched by the strength of their character.

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