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With customer satisfaction steering our direction, we have established Value House, an exclusive portal designed with the sole purpose of delivering customer-centric deals, experiences and benefits. Housing an array of rewards and year-long benefits to our credit card holders, Value House is your gateway to a constructed portfolio of deals, discounts and offers that are bound to make your daily shopping activities a pleasurable task to attend to.

From entertainment to adventures, getaways, consumer goods, dining experiences and many more, your Finance House credit card has got you covered wherever you go. Offering an extended network of bargains and discounts, Value House offers limitless possibilities for our customers constantly updating its diverse library to incorporate consumers’ most sought after items within the Value House portal. We guarantee that Value House’s exclusive offerings for our credit card holders are always up to par with the evolving requirements of our clientele.

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Lost your credit card?

Immediately report your lost/stolen card via our 24-hour helpline 600511114

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