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Finance House Employs the AECB Individual Credit Score
19th July 2017

Abu Dhabi – 19 July, 2017 – Finance House P.J.S.C (FH) has begun leveraging the Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) Individual Credit Score into its core operations to continuously optimize processes and turnaround times for its offered financial products.

Developed exclusively for predicting individual risk through utilizing historical data patterns and repayment behaviors reported to AECB, this Individual Credit Score allows financial institutions to undergo faster risk assessments and enables them to take accurate and prompt decisions. Thus, decreasing hefty manual paperwork and reducing bottlenecks which would often need to be accommodated by customers.

Moreover, grouping Finance House’s innovative process with AECB’s Customer Retail Banking Score serves to further enable efficiently customizable solutions that address each customer’s specific needs.

Commenting on leveraging the (AECB) Individual Credit Score into its core operations, Chairman of Finance House, Mohammed Abdulla Jumaa Alqubaisi said: “By understanding a customer’s financial behavior as evidenced from the reports which will be provided by AECB and integrating them with Finance House’s internal analytics and metrics; we will be able to deliver more optimized solutions, tailored to each customer’s requirements and financial profile”.

Allowing for the reduction of a customer’s required documentation, facilitating simplified processes and quicker, more accurate decisions; the employment of the Al Etihad Credit Bureau Individual Credit Score will further assist Finance House in filtering out ambiguity from its decision making process.

“Reinforced with data from AECB, our customer-centric operational model will continue to gain momentum thanks to this partnership. Fueled with an extensive database of analytics and resources courtesy of AECB, our Finance House team will continue its journey of delivering innovative solutions and hereby growing our Retail Finance space within the market,” concluded Alqubaisi.

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