Al Rabeh Deposit

If you’re looking for a deposit account with attractive interest rates, advance interest payments, and flexibility in withdrawing deposits, then you’ve come to the right place!

  • Attractive interest rates… The highest in the market!
  • Advance interest payments… Credited to your account in advance!
  • Flexibility in withdrawing deposits… Without interest reduction!

Looking for a Deposit Account?

Finance House presents Al Rabeh Deposit: a solution designed to offer you attractive interest rates!

Benefits You Never Want to Miss

The Highest Interest Rate in the Market

Deposit your preferred amount of money with the highest interest rate in the market!

Advance Interest Payments

Earn a competitive interest rate in advance.

Flexibility in Withdrawing Deposits

Choose your preferred payment tenor: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly & yearly.

SMS RABEH to 4445 to apply or call 600511114 or