Finance House hosted the 2nd Donation Drive in a row under the “Why Do You Keep it” initiative
27th September 2018

For the second year in a row, Finance House conducts a Donation Drive under the “Why Do You Keep It?” initiative.

Through this donation drive, we aim to promote our Employees’ involvement in social initiatives and awareness campaigns that work to relieve the suffering of people in need. That is why we encourage our staff to participate in giving back to the community we serve by donating unwanted or unused items such as: clothes, books, plastics, kitchenware and sports equipment.

On 16th September 2018, we placed 100 boxes around all branches of Finance House Group. The donation drive lasted until 20th September 2018, after which, all boxes were sent to the Dubai Land Department for redistribution to the people in need.

We appreciate the participation of all Employees who have donated generously to this initiative.

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