Packed with an array of carefully selected features and benefits, Finance House Platinum Credit Card is designed to meet all your needs, while providing you with a highly secure, convenient and flexible way to make all your payments.


  • Free for life Credit Card
  • Exceptional deals and discounts through Value House
  • Free supplementary credit cards
  • Balance Transfer & Easy Cash at amazingly low preferential interest rate starting 1.25% per month with ZERO Processing Fee
No. Description Fees/Charges
1 Registration Fee Free
2 Principal Card Annual Fee Free
3 Supplementary Card Annual Fee Free
4 Retail & Cash Interest Rates Retail: 3.33% per month, Cash: 3.50% per month
3.49% per month – Starting March 1, 2020
5 Retail & Cash Interest Rates in case of non-payment Retail: 3.55% per month, Cash: 3.55% per month
6 Installment Payment Plan Interest Rate
(Balance Transfer & Easy Cash)
Starting 1.25% per month
7 Cash Advance Fee 3% of the Cash Withdrawal Amount or AED 200, whichever is higher
8 Foreign Currency Transaction Fee 2.85%
9 Credit Shield 0.89% per month on the Outstanding Amount or AED 11, whichever is higher
0.93% per month – Starting March 1, 2020
10 Cheque Return Fee AED 300
11 Late Payment Fee AED 230
12 Over Limit Fee AED 300
13 Sales Receipt Copy (Credit Card Transaction Slip Copy) AED 65
14 Liability Letter AED 50
15 Card Replacement Fee AED 75
16 Overseas Cheque Fee AED 75 (in addition to actual cost)
17 Duplicate statement - per monthly statement AED 45

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