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Executive Management

The Executive Management team oversees Finance House’s operations and provides sound guidance and further structure to daily activities. Authorized by the Board of Directors to ensure a streamlined approach throughout the attainment of Finance House’s set goals, they translate the thoroughly set strategies into quantifiable work streams; which are continually being tweaked to ensure optimal results. In addition, the executive management team is always on the lookout for innovative solutions and approaches that can be incorporated within existing business practices, so as to surpass both our clients and our stakeholders’ expectations!

  • Mr. T.K. Raman

    Mr. T.K. Raman

    Group Chief Financial Officer

  • السيد/ ت .ك. رامان

    السيد/ ت .ك. رامان

    Group Chief Financial Officer

  • Mrs. Shagufta Farid

    Mrs. Shagufta Farid

    Group Chief Audit Executive

  • Ms. Lina Elaraj

    Ms. Lina Elaraj

    Group Head – Human Capital & General Services

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