Head Of Operations

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Department: Central Operations

Reporting to: Group Chief Operating Officer

Job location: Abu Dhabi - UAE

Position Objective:

  • To holistically and effectively manage the Group Operations (including Central Operations, Retail Assets Center, Trade Finance Operations, Treasury Investments & Securities Operations).
  • To enhance the operational systems, business processes and policies, control to support operations management.

Key Role Responsibilities:

Functional Management

Management of overall function of Operations (Central Operations, Trade Finance Operations, Retail Assets Center, Treasury, Investments and Securities Operations) including:
  • Ensure that the operations functions of the company are run effectively and efficiently so that each operational division performs in terms with their strategic plan, developmental plan and operational plan objectives.
  • Build, implement, maintain and manage an effective system of controls throughout the Operations Unit covering non-financial as well as financial controls.
  • Ensure that operating objectives and standards of performance are owned by management as well as employees.
  • Oversee all the daily activities and duties performed by the different units.
  • Define Turnaround Time (TAT) with consultation of key stakeholders and install tools to monitor performance, with the aim to meet the internal and external customer’s expectations.
  • Ensure that appropriate standards of conduct are established and complied with.
  • Set the operations yearly budget and non-financial targets, agreeing it with GCOO, and work towards fulfilling it.
  • Act as per delegated authorities and escalate issues as appropriate.
  • Improve processes and policies in support of organizational goals. Formulate and implement department and organizational policies and procedures to maximize output. Monitor adherence to rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Actively and continuously work towards operational excellence.
  • Close all Audit & Compliance issues pertaining to Operations Units and works towards less Audit & Compliance Observations.
  • Contribute towards the achievement of company’s strategic and operational objectives.

People Management

  • Build and lead an effective and cohesive Operations Management team.
  • Act as the operations change management catalyst, driving positive change among subordinates
  • Manage organizational structure, modifications and selection of new team members.
  • To contribute to the company’s Talent Management processes, supporting staff with identified potential to realize and achieve their full potential within the company.
  • In consultation with HR implement effective succession planning, people management, development, recruitment, and retention strategies for the Operations Unit.
  • Manage performance reviews and professional development plans for team.


  • To provide professional leadership to all levels throughout the company
  • Manage relationships with external service/resource providers

Attendance | Punctuality | Code of Conduct | Policy of Secrecy | General cleanliness – As per HR policy

  • To perform any other task as assigned by the GCOO.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Strong Financial |Banking Operations understanding.
  • Knowledge for IT system development and changes.
  • Leadership and management abilities to oversee the firm.
  • Skills and ability to identify issues, formulate opinions, make conclusions and recommend solutions.
  • Strong process and planning orientation.
  • Goal-oriented, task driven.
  • Designs efficient systems, seeks productivity.
  • Logical approach to identifying and evaluating issues and problem solving.
  • Able to see the big picture and plan out details.
  • Ability to understand & read legal documents.
  • Attention to detail.
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