The Blue Card from Finance House offers you many unique features and benefits tailored to meet all your needs. With the Blue Card, your financial transactions are safe and easy.


  • Free credit card for life
  • Exclusive offers and discounts from " Value House "
  • Free affiliate cards
  • Balance Transfer and Easy Loan at competitive interest rates starting from 1.25% per month without any operating fees
the number Fees and charges details Fees and expenses
1 register fees Free
2 Primary Card Annual Fee Free
3 Supplementary Card Annual Fee Free
4 Cash and Retail Interest Rate Retail: 3.65% per month, Cash: 3.50% per month
5 Cash and Retail Interest Rate - In the event of non-payment Retail: 3.65% per month, Cash: 3.55% per month
6 Payment plan interest rate (balance transfer and easy loan) starting from 1.25%
7 cash withdrawal fee 3%   of the cash withdrawal amount or AED 200, whichever is higher
8 Foreign exchange fee رسوم 2.85%
9 credit shield 1.04% per month on the amount due or AED 11, whichever is higher
10 Returned Check Fee 300 dirhams
11 Late Payment Fee 230  dirhams
12 Fee for exceeding the credit limit 300 dirhams
13 A copy of the purchase receipt (a copy of the credit card purchase voucher) 65  dirhams
14 Liability Certificate Issuance Fee 50 dirhams
15th Card replacement fee 75 dirhams
16 International check collection fee 75 dirhams (plus basic fees)
17 Additional account statement (for each monthly account) 45 dirhams

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