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Finance House Sets Guinness World Record with MasterCard
4th November 2015

In celebration of UAE Flag Day and to reiterate its admiration and respect towards the United Arab Emirates, Finance House P.J.S.C (FH), along with 21 banks and financial institutions, joined forces with MasterCard to set a new Guinness World Record by depicting the UAE flag using more than 31,000 bank cards.

This remarkable initiative not only reinforces the importance of this day, but it also resonates with feelings of patriotism, pride and unity across the country.

Commenting on FH’s participation in this event, Hasnain Yousuf Khoja, Head of Retail Finance at Finance House said: “Our unwavering commitment to this fascinating country has always been coupled with a sense of extreme satisfaction and joy. We vow on this day to remain dedicated to driving its success further and maintain its prosperity and advancement on the long term.”

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