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School Fees
1st September 2016

As the summer comes to a swift end, back to school adverts bombard the streets of the UAE. With preparations being sourced from education gatekeepers and excitement being mounted from the children’s side, parents are often the worrisome gap between the two.

With escalating school fees, burdens tend to overwhelm parents as the academic year comes to a start. Registration fees, books, supplies, uniforms as well as unaccounted for surprises, only mean more financial needs and allocated debts. In summary, annual school fees are every parent’s nightmare, one that often collides with their saving plans and investment alternatives.

As such, many fear that school fees are draining their portfolio wallet, and have been in demand of financially supportive facilitations. A calling, which has been answered by multiple financial institutions and banks that are currently offering financial schemes and education-saving plans to address such a concern. Yet, many have skeptically opted out of these given facilities, after noting their hovering interest charges.

While the facilitation of school tuition payments is at the forefront of any parent’s priorities, the added interest charges they bare seem to spiral concerns even further. Concerns that have in turn led the financial institution, Finance House to seize the opportunity and offer a 0% School Fee payment plan facility. Whereby, Finance House credit card holders can convert any of their school fee transactions that are above AED 1,000 into a 0% Installment Payment Plan (IPP) which can be paid back on a 3, 6, 9 or 12 months basis, depending on the choice of the cardholder.

Prioritizing its customers’ needs and seeking to acquire new clients on board with this facility, Finance House is your wining solution. One that facilitates your school payment fees through a 0% installment plan, and addresses your looming worries.