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Terms And Conditions

Customer Referral Program Terms and Conditions

  • This referral program will be effective 1st June 2011.
  • Customer will get 1% of referred customers monthly purchases for 3 years
    • This will be in the form of a Cash back.
    • Cash back will be credited on a billing month basis
    • The credit will be in the subsequent month of the spending
  • Minimum 2 referrals per customer is mandatory to get enrolled into this program
  • The referrer will enjoy the cash back for a period of 3 years from the issuance date of each of his/her referrals
  • The referrer should spent a minimum of AED 1,000/- in his/her FH card per billing cycle
  • The referrer’s cash reward for a month will not exceed the monthly card purchases of the referrer
  • Subject to both referrer and referred customers being regular in their payments
  • The Program is not applicable along with any other FH Rewards or Cash back program
  • FH reserves the right to change any criteria at its sole discretion .