Credit Card FAQ

Credit Card FAQ

1.  What kind of credit card Finance House offers?
Ans: MasterCard Credit Card.

2.  How much is the free credit period?
Ans : Up to 59 days.

3.  What will be my credit limit?
Ans : Upto 2 times of your average banked salary, subject to credit score.

4.  What are the documents you need?

Ans : For FH Approved Companies-Passport copy, Proof of income (salary letter or pay-slip or 3 months’ bank statement) and a security cheque for the approved credit limit. Other Employers – Passport copy, Salary Certificate,  3 months’ bank statement and a security cheque.

5.  Which are the companies approved by Finance House for credit card?
Ans : Most Government & Semi-Government departments & institutions, Multinational & leading local companies, Banks & other financial institutions. If you wish to know if your employer is on the approved list, one of our PFOs can assist.

6.  How long it will take to issue a card?

Ans : About 5 working days from the date of approval of card.

7.  How can I make the monthly repayments?
Ans :   By way of Cash payments at:
1.   Finance House Branches (currently in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, & Sharjah)
2.   at any branch of UAE Exchange Center, Al Ansari Exchange, Wall Street Exchange or Al Fardan Exchange across the UAE.

Cheque payments
1.   You can mail your cheque to “Cards Centre Finance House PJSC, P. O. Box 7878, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Cheques must be received at least 5 working days prior to payment due date.
2.   Deposit your cheque at FH branches (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, & Sharjah), 5 working days prior to payment due date.

8.  What is the minimum monthly payment I should make?
Ans : 5% of the outstanding amount or AED 100 whichever is higher.

9.  Is Finance House credit card acceptable everywhere like any other bank card?
Ans : Absolutely. It is accepted all over the world at Merchant locations and ATMs displaying the MasterCard logo.

10.  What about the finance charges ?
Ans : Starting from 2.89% p.m. for Platinum and 2.99% p.m. for Gold and Blue cards on cash advances (from date of transaction) and after the expiry of the free credit period on Purchase transactions.

11.  What is the charge applicable for balance transfer?
Ans : Starting from 0.69% flat per month up to 0.89% flat per month.

12.   How many Supplementary cards I can apply for ?
Ans : Maximum of 4

13.  Is there any fee for Supplementary card?
Ans : None if issued with a combined limit.

14.  What document are required for issuing a Supplementary card ?
Ans : Only Passport copy of the person to whom Supplementary card is requested.

15.  What should be the length of service to apply for a credit card?
Ans : Confirmation in present job (if confirmed earlier than 6 months) or 6 months in   present job.

16.  What is the cash withdrawal limit on FH credit card?
Ans : 30% of Credit Limit.

17.  How to apply for Finance House credit card?
Ans : Simply visit one of our branches with documents or call 800-34 to schedule a personal visit to your office by a Personal Finance Officer.

For more details call 80034