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3D Secure

Ans: 3D Secure offers an added layer of verification for extra security when conducting online transactions. You will be required to enter a one-time password (OTP) that will be sent to your registered mobile number, when you make any online transaction on websites that have the ‘Mastercard Secure Code’ sign.
Ans: The 3D Secure feature will require you to enter a one-time password (OTP) which will be sent to your registered mobile number in order to complete your online purchase/transaction. This additional authorization step ensures that only you, as the cardholder will have the required password needed to complete the transaction.
Ans: No, the 3D Secure feature is available and enabled on all Finance House Credit Cards.

Ans: a. When you are using your Finance House Credit Card to conduct an online transaction on any 3D Secure website that has the 'Mastercard Secure Code' sign, the website will open a new window. It will display a Finance House Verified by Mastercard® SecureCode authentication screen.

b. The transaction details (merchant name, amount, date, last 4 digits of the card number) will be displayed on the SecureCode authentication screen. Please ensure that the details are accurately filled out.

c. You will then receive a One Time Password on your registered mobile number. Please enter that OTP on the SecureCode authentication screen, to initiate the authentication process.

d. The card details and the authentication results will then be processed and approval is subject to correct card details, the OTP being entered and the card account having an adequate limit for the transaction made.

e. Once the transaction has been approved, the website will display a payment received acknowledgement.

Ans: The transaction will not be successful if a wrong OTP is entered.
Ans: This additional authorization step ensures that only you as the cardholder will have the password required to complete the transaction, which protects you from cyber theft.
Ans: No, you will only be asked to enter an OTP if the website supports Mastercard® cards for online transactions and also supports the Mastercard® SecureCode (SC) authentication protocol.
Ans: No registration is required, 3D Secure is already enabled on your card.
Ans: No, the OTP is mandatory for authentication on websites that accept Mastercard® cards and support the Verified by Mastercard® SecureCode protocol.
Ans: Since the OTP is sent to your registered mobile number, please ensure that your new mobile number is always updated with us.
Ans: No, your One Time Password (OTP) can only be used for a single transaction.
Ans: Once the cardholder requests the OTP, it will be valid for 10 minutes, after which it will expire and cannot be used.
Ans: No, this added security feature is provided free of charge.
Ans: No, there is no limit on the number of transactions and the card usage as long as the credit limit is sufficient.

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